Monday, 12 November 2012

A small update!

I am soooo sorry for not writing here right now but a lot of things is happening right now. I just started an education as a chef, wich is really fun and interesting considdering my "obsession" of food! *ha ha*
I will try to find the time and energy to write more in here in time, also translate more of my food-recepies wich I have at my swedish blog:
Follow the blogs and links in the list I have here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Primal North, Jimmy Moore and all the other low-carbeaters!
I started a new fase in my diet also, because of my low change in loosing weight where I realised that I eat to much carbs even though I thought it was low and I call it ketosis-eating, wich means that I eat more fat, more proteins and almost no veggies at all and lost another 4 kilos in 1,5 month.
I will continue doing that until Christmas, first of all.
I really, really want to loose my last kilos of overweight!

Writing soon!

Me in my school! 

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