Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My summer

As you noticed, I haven't been active on my blog for the whole summer. The main reason is that my summer started with a big loss in my family. My father died the 15th of june. He was sick in leukemia since some years ago, not the "dangerous" version but as he didn't like his life anymore, living with a chizofrenic woman who refused to get help, it slowly made him depressed and lost his energy to live. He came to the hospital at monday and died on saturday with me, my brother, two of my kids and my brothers daughter and girlfriend and our fathers wife at his side. I had my hands on him when he left this life. He was just 77 years old and I think I still have a hard time to accept that he is dead.
After his death hell broke loose. The crazy wife is not alloving us to take care of dads things in the house etc. A lot of screaming and conflicts has started since that day. I really hate her! All important papers and things are suddenly "lost" - so we can't even find his last will. Just crazy life here.
Beside this wich is very personal and private the summer has been awsome.
We had a nice, warm, sunny summer. I spent a lot of time with my brother because he had to come down to me because of our fathers death. We became closer because of this wich is very nice.
My daughter has also moved back to me. She is divorced now and no, it is not sad - it is also good!
We had many nice days together with good food and laughters - not just tears.
I lost about five kilos this summer, just by skipping carbs a week now and then. I also tried the new thing - fasting two days in a week, eating maximum 500 calories. I tried it for two weeks but the fourth day I fell totally. I was so hungry and had to make dinner for my son...and couldn't help my self to eat from the food.
I think this fasting is not for me because of my gastric bypass. I don't eat enough anyway so skipping food for 2 days a week might not be a good thing for me. I lost 3 kilos doing it anyway!
I am getting slowly getting closer to my goal - 72 kilos but this last week I have been thinking about stopping to try loose more weight. The reason is that I am just feel so good right now and getting very bony and at the same time I have a lot of excess skin and I have no idea how much it weighs. I am even wrinkly at my bum!

It is not just food who is a very important thing to think about - also what we put ON the skin and found a very good article about it.
The link to it is here: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2012/04/10/you-have-the-right-to-know-17-chemicals-to-avoid-in-cosmetic-and-personal-care-products/ 

Take care!
I will continue adding more food recepies here in the future among other things!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sesame crackers

I have tried numerus of different recepies of lowcarb-highfat-bread. But there is just one soft bread-recepie I like. 
I missed that crunchy feeling you get when you eat cracker bread, a very swedish thing. 
Now I finally found a good recepie, thanks to my daughters neighbour! 

Recepie: 400 grams sesame seeds
5 big eggs
3-5 deciliters shredded cheese
1 dl ecological cold pressed oil
salt and if you like some green herb,  I used some Thyme.
Wisk the eggs, stir in the rest of the ingredients and spread it out on TWO owen plates.
Put them in the own at 185 degrees C.  for 20 minutes.
Take them out and cut thrm in pieces. I used my pizza slicer.
Turn them and put them back and turn of the heat and let them dry in the owen so they get crispy

Don't put the crackers in a plastic bag because then they get soft again. 
I had my first piece with mayonnaise, salami and brie!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zero carbohydrates

If you live on low carb high fat-food and you loose weight, all is good. But if you realize that nothing happens with the weight after a copple of months, you might need to change some levels of food.
LCHF means that all carbs comes from vegetables and dairies, mostly from cream and cheese.
As a woman and been dieting since you can remember, are older (40+) this is typical to get in to a plateau. Week after week, and even month after month and the weight is the same. You feel good but you want to loose that weight!
The key is: loose the dairies! Look over what type of greens you eat too!

There is a way also to go zero carbs, wich we call fakir in Sweden:
That means you only eat fat and proteins, that's it!
I tried to "fakir" in october last year and that resulted in loosing 9 kilos between october and december. I stopped at christmas.
 BUT! Those first weeks was HARD! I experienced to feel really sick = ketosis flue. You feel sooo tired, so drained, the stomach explodes and you are afraid to be more then three meters from the toilett, but after that first period of conversion, you start to feel awsome! Lot's of energy and just love the feeling!
I was so happy to get under 100 kg for the first time in my adult life!
Well...how about trying to loose some more?
I was kind afraid to try this, now when I work. How will I feel? Will I get that upset stomach and tiredness?
I started on monday and nothing "bad" happend. The third day, Wednesday, I felt any conversion-problem: Tired and thought I would get the flue but the next day I felt fine again. And I lost 3 kilos this week!
That means 5 kilos to 90. I am going for that!
Theese morning, when I woke up, I had so much energy that I went down to the gym and tried the cross fit-machin! I worked on it for 12 minutes with a pulse of 140. Also tried to work my shoulders on two other machines...FIRST TIME EVER!
I feel great and proud of myself!
What did I eat this week?

Monday: Started to make eggmilk: 4 eggs, two tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 tablespoons Ghee (butteroil) wich you mix with 4 deciliters of boiling water. (Watch out so you don't get burned)
Breakfast: Coffee with eggmilk.
Lunch: 2 eggs with 1.5 tablespoons butter (Wich I make in the micro at work)
Dinner: Two fried eggs, mackerel in tomato sauce (I fiddle the mackerel out of the tomato sauce), mayonnaise. Some slices of creamy cheese.
Coffee with egg milk  during the day breaks.
Tuesday: Same as Monday but started with egg coffee instead of coffee with eggmilk, then I add one egg, 1 table spoon coconutoil and 2 table spon of Ghee.
Wednesday: Breakfast Same as above
Lunch: Same as always: Two eggs with butter in the micro.
Dinner: Same as Monday and Tuesday.
Thursday: Same breakfast and lunch
Dinner:  Butterfried Entrecote with champignons and bearnaise sauce.
Friday: Same breakfast and lunch
Dinner: Pan fried cod with butter and butter-boiled spinach leaves, about 1 cup. (0.6 kh/100g)
Saturday: Coffee with eggmilk.
Lunch: Two fried eggs with a little creamy cheese on top - after my little exercise.
Dinner: Hamburgers made by myself with fried mushrooms and onions (6 kh/100 g of onion). I will eat around  half an onion.
I am not 100% consistent with zero carbs as you can see, because I want to have something TO my meat/fish or chicken.

I choose those greens wich is the lovest amount of carbs and I eat maximum 100 grams of it.
That what happens if you try to zero your carbs, or almost - maxium energy and maximum weightloss!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Pancakes is a very popular dish in Sweden. Mostly made of eggs, milk and flour, sprinkled with sugar on the top and strawberry jam. Some like it with ice-cream...well, that is a big no no for me, eating LCHF. 
But there is a way to enjoy that type of dish anyway.

2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
3 dl cream
1 cup Philadelphia cheese
Sprinkle some stevia/ or any other GOOD sweetner
1 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp husk

Beat the eggs hard with salt and sweetening. Stir in cream and Philadelphia cheese and whisk until it is blended nicely.
Mix coconut flour and husk and whisk into the mixture.
Spoon down like small  pancakes in the pan - please use coconut oil because butter burns the  pancakes quickly and have not to high heat on. It will be eight small pancakes on this amount of pancake batter.

One part cream and and the same amount of Philadelphia cheese, whisked together. Season with a bit of vanilla powder and stevia or other good sweetner.  Mix in some kind of berry. I had blueberries and raspberries.

The taste was very good indeed! Oliver, my son ate up two of these and his spontaneous comment was:
 - It tastes like the pancakes!
Doh! : D

The best pizza so far

Now I have tried lots ofdifferent pizza bases with different results and taste, and now I have a winner!

I started from a Ciabatta recipe that I found online a while ago. It's probably the closest "bread" I can think of as a LCHF: er.
Today I tried to bake it as a pizza base with a little modification.
First and foremost, it would fill  my roasting pan so I did double everything.
8 eggs
200 grams Philadelphia cheese
200 grams of cottage cheese (fill the empty Philadelphia box and  you have the same amount)

200 gram melted butter

3 cups almond flour
1 cup coconut flour
4 tablespoons physillium husk (you can use 4 tablespoons of coconutflour instead if you can't find it in the stores)
3 teaspoons baking powder
2 tsp salt
2 tablespoons oregano (dried)

Take out two bowls and mix the wet ingredients well with a whisk. Mix together the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then pour the mixture into the dry and mix with a wooden fork.
Pour it in a roasting pan, preferably with a baking paper. Do this as fast ad you can, the better it is possible to "spread out" the batter at the plate. If you wait the batter swells and it becomes more difficult to smudge because of the husk.

Bake the base for a maximum of 30 minutes and take it out.
Meanwhile, prepare what you want on your pizza.
Today we did a taco-inspired pizza and I made a spice mix that I was inspired by the last weekend when I made Indian cuisine.

I dry roasted 3 tsp of cumin seeds, and put them together with 4 small garlic cloves, some chiliflakes, about 2 tsp coriander seeds, a little chipolte pepper (smoked chilli), salt, oregano and some garlic powder in a mortar.  I mixed the spices with minced meat which I fried with butter.
I had a tomato sauce that I made before.
Grate the cheese, about 4 ounces - I had three pieces of cheese with different tastes. Likes to mix different cheeses.
Spread the tomato sauce on the pizza base, then add the cheese.
Then the minced meat.
Slice olives, fresh spring onions and tomatoes in the oven at 200 degrees until the cheese has melted.

Really good! If you like a thin pizza base so you can scrape off a bit of pizza batter and bake it as small buns or what you like. Do not be afraid to try!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The cholesterol campaign and its misleading dietary advices

This guy is from Denmark and I can not say that his lecture is "fun" to listen to but very important. He is a very respected and trusted person here in Sweden/Denmark and Norway.