Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fat is fuel

I find a lot of good articles in english and I will translate them to swedish but not in english for some strange reason! Ha ha ha!

Fat is fuel!

How to win an Argument with a nutritionist

Read the link under: So much good information!  

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Free book about cholesterol

From Uffe Ravnskov:

My first English book The Cholesterol Myths. Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol cause heart disease is now for free
Due to a conflict with the publisher its publishing was stopped six years ago. However, last year I saw that both new and used copies are still sold from amazon. I was told that ten different publishers sold it and one of them told me that they got the book from Ingram Content Group. I told Ingram that they were allowed to publish it provided that I got a reasonable fee, but they did not answer.
I also ordered a copy to see if it has been changed but amazon answered that I was not allowed to buy it. I therefore asked one of my friends to buy a new copy. They sent a used copy (I found the name of the previous owner in the book) claiming that it was new. The prize including shipping and handling(!) was 95.5 dollars!
I have therefore decided to offer the whole book for free on the web and it is now available on Please inform your family, friends and the public!
My book is a detailed description of the fraudulent way the cholesterol campaign was started with almost 300 references to the scientific literature. It may be a little difficult to read for lay people. If so, I recommend my other books in English (Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You! and Ignore the Awkward! How the Cholesterol Myths Are Kept Alive)

Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, independent investigator

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hey all!

Hope you all are doing good!
I am feeling fine, working on my weight, health and started my strict low-carb high fat period again, though I been a little bit to lazy and had to much carbs latley.
Started two weeks ago and already lost 5 kilos. I love it!

I have a friend who is a fantantastic baker in low carb bread and cookies.
You can buy her books in english!

Follow the link!

If you want to get tips of what I eat right now, go in to my swedish blog and click at translate:

My swedish blogg

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fast beef stew with brussels sprouts and asparagus

Energy is not always on top when you get home from work. You want food fast, even as the LCHF: ers. Slow food get cook weekends.
Today I made:

6 slices thin sliced pork
A bag of frozen Brussels sprouts about 500 grams
A bunch of fresh asparagus
2 deciliter of creme fraiche
a cube of stock - organic
Black pepper, white pepper, herb seasoning, himalayan salt

Bring out the frying pan. Shred the meat rough, about 4 centimeters thick.
Take a pot and boil  the sprouts al dente. Rinse and snip off the woody bit of the asparagus and cut into 4 cm long pieces and add to the end of the cooking time of the sprouts, about 3-5 minutes at the end. Drain.
Fry the meat with salt and spices. When the meat is nicely fried, pour over sprouts and asparagus and saute them together with the meat.
Pour the sour cream and stock cube and mix.
Let simmer until the broth, sour cream and the other ingredients feels ready. About 10 minutes.

Fried cod with horseradish mayonnaise

Got the idea of ​​horseradish mayonnaise from a promotional film on TV about Sushi where the 'chef' mix mayonnaise with wasabi. I realized that the combination has to be perfect for regular fish too. I do not eat Sushi at all because I totally hate raw fish, but cooked fish I love.
The ingredients are ridiculously simple:

1 cup mayonnaise
1-2 tsp grated horseradish
a few drops of lemon juice
a little salt
1 Tbsp chopped dill
Mix together!

This was actually just enough for me, if you need more then double the recipe.
Do not be afraid that the horseradish mayonnaise is strong, along with fish and vegetables it wont be that strong if you don't not like it. Horseradish may have differnt strenght so dare to taste how much you like.
Added to this was served two pieces of fine back filet cod which I fried in plenty of butter, white pepper and salt. I poured the butter over the fish while I fried it.
Was served with a salad of fresh organic spinach, half a avakado, organic small plum tomatoes and cucumber.
Really good and very easy!

Pancake in the oven

Swedes are crazy for pancakes and I think that every swede makes pancakes at least on day every week and we don't eat them like americans - we eat them as dinner.
It is supposed to be a dessert after a nice soup, made of yellew peas with salted pork and mustard on thursdays! :)
Well, I can confess that I eat that soup sometimes even if it is not really low carb high fat-food.
But those pancakes is more difficult. There is a lot of recepies for them, some are good and some are less good.
 Sometimes I cook the "regular" lowcarb pancakes but this friday I was not feeling so good, had a headache and a bit of mild nausea so I googled "ugnspannka" and I did NOT wanted to have pork -pancake which seems to be the most common in Sweden. I never liked that.

After some searching, I found the following recipe from HannaKJonssons blog.
Four eggs
Three cups heavy cream
Two tablespoons Fiberhusk - Physsilum seed-flour
80 grams grated cheese

Beat eggs and cream, mix in the shredded cheese and then Physsilium seedflour. Let it rest and swell for half an hour.
Pour into a buttered dish, not a roasting pan! (about 20 x 25 cm)
Put into the oven for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celisus.
I let it stand inside until it got nice color.

To this eminent batter pudding I served a "mix" of cherry-sauce.
1-2 cup frozen cherries or fresch if you have it! 
0.5 cups whipping cream 
1 cup full fat yoghurt
1 tsp vanilla powder (organic)
some sweetening - choose the one who NOT raise your blood sugar as Stevia

I boiled the cherries with sweetener. Let them cool and put in the vanilla powder.
Mix the cherries gently and then  mix in  the cream and yoghurt. 

Dangerously good! One can choose any berries you want or just vanilla powder. 

LCHF has reached Australia!

Found this at my feed at Facebook:

Carb wars blog!