Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fast beef stew with brussels sprouts and asparagus

Energy is not always on top when you get home from work. You want food fast, even as the LCHF: ers. Slow food get cook weekends.
Today I made:

6 slices thin sliced pork
A bag of frozen Brussels sprouts about 500 grams
A bunch of fresh asparagus
2 deciliter of creme fraiche
a cube of stock - organic
Black pepper, white pepper, herb seasoning, himalayan salt

Bring out the frying pan. Shred the meat rough, about 4 centimeters thick.
Take a pot and boil  the sprouts al dente. Rinse and snip off the woody bit of the asparagus and cut into 4 cm long pieces and add to the end of the cooking time of the sprouts, about 3-5 minutes at the end. Drain.
Fry the meat with salt and spices. When the meat is nicely fried, pour over sprouts and asparagus and saute them together with the meat.
Pour the sour cream and stock cube and mix.
Let simmer until the broth, sour cream and the other ingredients feels ready. About 10 minutes.

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