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LCHF for beginners

Ugh, I am so fat! I have to loose weight! How many times didn't you think and said that to yourself?
This eternal war against the scale and the weight. Women are worse than men in this case and somtimes I think that even men have to think more about their weight. Women are constantly on some diet to be more attractive...for men, who hardly notice it. A very doublle feeling, but okey!
Most people get in contact with LCHF mainly because they want to loose weight and because of that the focus is on what you should eat, to loose that weight.
After a while you realize it is not just all about weight, it is about health all over.
I will write about that too: The different fases of LCHF.

For me it started with the wish of loosing weight and now, three years later I am in another fase wich is more about to eat as pure food as possible; free from additives, but not just in food, but also in objects like plastics, hygienics, food for animals (I got two cats) etc.

But you are a beginner and I will give you my own advices, how you can start.
The arguments about why you should do LCHF is for me: There are no arguments against it, even if people around you think there is. It dosen't matter if you are a fat, skinny, sick or healthy.
Carbohydrates, grains, manipulated meat or greens, vegetable oils and additives in processed food are harmful (even dangerous) to ALL PEOPLE! (Yes, also the kids, most serntainly the kids)
Off course there are biochemical differences how we react to things but we all are reacting. Just think about smokers: Some die in cancer, some don't but all smokers are sick in some way because of their addiction to cigaretts.
Some get really sick and some not until they are really old, but the damages is ther. You can't just shake your head and say:
- Ah, you can't eat anything without being warned about cancer and all sorts of deseases. That is actually true - as long as you eat that kind of food I am mentioning above, you WILL be sick, in some way!
LCHF is not a diet - it is your right to regain the command over your own body and health. It is a big protest against currant recommendations about what you should eat, for earning money on your choices. It is a kind of revolution against the multi million dollar companies who decides over that you don't even chop your own sallad, doing your own sauce, baking your own bread or not even make your own coffee.
There will be more about this subject in my blog under the label "opinion".

Time to clean out the fridge and the kitchen cupboards! (Maybe things in the rest of the home, while you anyway are cleaning!)
Throw any kind of grain (look at the table of contents, you will find grains in things you never knew about and if you cant read the contenst; Throw it!) And all food you didn't make your self from the start ("ready-to-go-food").
Throw out the margarine, vegetable oil, manufactured goods. Again: Read the labels and if you find words as: sugar, fructose, corn syrup, dextrose or other words who resembles about sugar - throw it! Check also your spices! If you have pre-spices meat in your freezer - throw it or give it to someone you don't like! 
Did it get empty?
Mine got very empty...

Plan to go to the food store and make sure that you got plenty of time to go through what you want to buy instead of what you had before:
Basic goods:
Butter (real butter from a cow), organic coconut oil, cold-pressed, organic rapeseed oil and same with oilve-oil. You can also buy organic sesame seed oil or lin-seed oil, for flavouring your food.
Full cream with 40% fat (all cream who contains lower level of fat has an additive called carrageenan, wich is very good if you want to have cancer.)
Fullfat yoghurt - turkish, greek or russian. (The russian is smooth and very tasty) 
Cheese - fat cheese! 
Creme fraiche or you might call it Sour Creme /Smetana. 
Cottage cheese and cream cheese

All vegetables who grows above soil - some vegetables contains more carbs than others. Check how much at: Carbohydrates in Vegtables 
Cabbage of any kind
Nuts and seeds: Hazelnuts, almond, walnuts, peccannuts, pumkin seeds, sesameseeds and linseeds.
(Invest in a almond grinder)
Pofiber (I don't think you can find it outside Sweden, but you will be fine without it)
Coconutflour - look at the content: Maxium 5% carbohyrates and organic

Protiens: Meat, fish, birdmeat. Don't not buy chicken breast, buy the whole chicken and not the grilled one wich is full of spices with sugar and additives. Buy meat, fish and birdmeat wich is raw and not pre-spiced, marinated etc. If you can afford it - buy organic/ecological.
Mackerel, sardines and tunafish in water. The oil in those cans are awful! (Add your own oil)
Mayonnaise is another problem - you can't find one without additives, do your own. It takes a copple of minutes to do it. Use lemon juice, vinegar and dijonmustard, wich is less sweet. My son dosen't like it and use Philadelphia cheese instead. 
Now you got the basic food! 
Recepies for dinners, snacs, substitutes for bread and cookies you can try to goole to find or just get it from my blog. (I will not put a lot of baking-recepies because I am a sugar addict and it triggers my sugar craving but there is occations where I bake as for birthdays and big holidays.)
Be aware of all things you buy. There is also food companies who say it is low-carb but it is not! There is no such thing as lchf-bread or lchf-pasta in the stores, even if the label says it. 

One more thing: Many ppl asks; - CAN I eat this? 
Yes, you did it before, right? And you didn't die before. But if you REALLY want to feel better, be healthier and loose weight as a bonus - just don't eat it. 

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