Friday, 7 September 2012

Cottage Cheese Toasts

Found a version of Åses Cottage cheese pancakes  renamed as LCHF Toast, wich meand that you don't eat them with cream / yogurt and berries, but as a Toast.
Thought it seemed like a good idea because of how easily I trigger on anything that resembles sugar.

Ingredients in the "pancake":
1 egg
125 gr cottage cheese
3/4 tablespoon of psyllium husk
a pinch of salt
Mix with a hand blender and let it rest for a little while, until the fat in the pan is hot.
I used Ghee instead of butter or coconut oil to just test if they were burned as fast as when I am using butter.
It did not, but got more color than the original recipe.
Åse fills her with ham, cheese and dijon mustard but I had no ham at home, so I took sliced ​​tomato and a swedish cheese, thick slices.
It tasted very much "pancake" so adding something like smoked meat or something else with strong taste is to prefer.
Since my stomach can not hold as much I can say I was stuffed!
Next time I'll probably just take pancake instead and save the other or doing double duty as one of the sons get a portion too.
Otherwise, I think these works to eat them just as they are without something to all.
8/9: Now I made theese "toast" three times and learning how to do it more easily:
Mix the egg, cottage cheese with pepper and a little bit more salt then you thought from the beginning and add the Physillium Husk afterwards with a spoon instead and let it swell for a copple of minutes. Then the batter wont stick to the mixer. Use a spatula to add the small toasts in the fryingpan. Add a little bit of grinded cheese on the top after turning them around, put down the heat to half,  and when the cheese is melted, the toast is ready.
Right now ....I got som nice slices of bacon in the own! *yummie*

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