Saturday, 8 September 2012

My old winterjacket

A copule of years ago I found a really nice, big winterjacket wich I have worn since until I started to loose weight. Already the first winter 2010 the jacket started to be to big. The cold wind sneaked in under the jacket and I tried to wrapp it closer to me and thought it was time to find a new jacket in a more suitable size...
All last winter I was looking for that "perfect" jacket! There was one "have-to-have"-demand on that new jacket: A hood on it, because I refuse to wear beanies and also white and warm!
If I found one it was to expencive or the wrong size, so I froze a lot last winter. Happy it wasn't that cold also.
Well, I got lucky just a week ago!
I didn't even look for a jacket when I found it.
It is not white but all the other demands was satisfied: a hood, warm and a good price.
What to do with the old one?
I really hate to throw good things away and I don't know anyone who can wear it! Not even my biggest son (the younger one) can have it.
I took it out and forced him to try it on and yeah, it was to big.
My older son wich is the smaller in size took it and started to play with it, pretending that he lost weight, pulling it out from his body to show how much bigger the jacket was.
I told him that, that is the wrong way to do it because it is not just the belly who gets smaller, it is all arond.
I took the jacket of him and put it on myself and is sooo big!
My son came up with an idea...

Watch and laugh! We did!

Strange hairdoo...

What's behind?



I am laughing so hard, I can't breath!

Well, we are a bit crazy in this family but it is really fun to be also! I can also feel proud of my self and my smaller size even though my kids can lift me, wich never happend before. They call me "little mum" nowadays.

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