Monday, 17 September 2012

I tried everything!

How often do you hear people say that they have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight?
That comment comes out of everyone's mouth, but I think especially of all those who weigh more than 100 kg and are thinking about the option to do gastric surgery. They see no other options, because they have already tried everything.
I had those thought that day when  I phoned the hospital,  to ask how I would do to get to a gastric bypass surgery. I felt that there were no options left for me. 
There were no suggestions for alternative either, for that matter.
But how honest are we when we say that we tried everything?
What does "everything" mean?
When I started to read about Dr. Atkins diet, in 2005, I learned something new - I had never tried to cut down on carbohydrates.
When I did, I experienced exactly the same feeling as I do now when I eat according to LCHF - I feel good, I am not hungry all the time, I don't  have any sugar - and foodcravings and going steady, slowly down in weight. I have't gained one single kilogram since I started to cut down on carbohyrdates in three years.
My motivation is the key to manage and it's just the motivation that many lack, or as some call - the will.
In my support group on Facebook (Gastric surgery - the only option?) and elsewhere, I have read several times about people who want surgery because they already have tried everything, even LCHF, and it did not work. They did not lose weight, they got a stomach ache, the pain became worse etc.
My question remains: How long time did you try it? Did you really follow the "rules"?
Did you realise that you injured the inside of your body badly through yo-yo dieting, abusing food, hormone disruption or got intoxicated by all additives in the food you eat/ate wich made your body to not respond until you get balance, when you eat better and first of all when the body actually tells you how you feel? 

When I got my diagnos carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands, I really didn't wanted to do the surgery and through my fear I got motivated to stay consistent to LCHF. The journey didn't become what I thought from the beginnin. I could have just stayed to my personal life according to LCHF and not either started to blog about it or tried to start my own coaching activity to help others. But that is not me - I want to and have to inform and help others, that's in my heart, soul and nature.

You are in the doctors room and you say that you want to do a Gastric Bypass because you have tried "everything"...
The doctor put your name on a waitinglist and you get instructed to loose as much weight as possible until the surgery because it is very risky to anesthetize an overweight person. 
You go hom, filled with energy and motivation, because you really want to do this surgery. You start to diet or even fast, starving yourself because you are af'raid that you wont get the surgery unless you don't loose weight. 
You rather die, wont you?
You want, just like everyone else, live a normal life, in a normal body with normal weight...

I don't want to stop living according LCHF because I don't want to operate my hands.
YOU dont want to try LCHF because you WANT to operate your stomach.
I dont want to stop living according LCHF because there is no other options - I tried everything else - even the surgery! 
YOU don't want to try LCHF because according to you LCHF is something new wich will give you an heart attack, high cholestorol and kill you. 
I don't want to stop living accoriding LCHF because I don't want to be a sugaraddict. Yeah, you can actually eat a big bag of Cheese Doodles, even as gastric bypass-operated. 
I eat LCHF-pizza and are full all day.
YOU eat a regual pizza and craves for icecream after eating it.

When you make a life changing decision wich will affect the rest of your life, then you also have to be able to become looked at all through your mind, get criticized and questioned 100%. You should be able to say that you tried everything - not jus what you think is everything.  

If you can starve yourself to get surgery you would be able to eat yourself less heavy to avoid it. 
The biggest fear should be, that the doctor says: - NOW you have to loose weight or else we have to cut inside of you and THAT is NOT fun! You will suffer for the rest of your life more than you ever could imagine.
You think it is hard to be big and heavy but just imagine all the diseases, injuries and problems you will get if you do a Gastric bypass-surgery, then we can talk about hard life! 

Unfortunately, there is no doctor's who says that but it should and until that happens you will hear it from me and everybody else who live more or less in hell because we put our bodies on the surgery table with just one wich - to get a normal life in a normal weight and instead got a sick life and had to continue the struggle against the weight. 

I wonder how many billions the manufacturers make of just to produce B12-vitamines? 
You have to eat that every day for the rest of your life as a gastric bypass-operated. 
I wonder how many billions they make for selling minerals- and vitamines to all gastric bypass-operated wich suffers from chronic malnutrition?
How much does the government safe on all sick leaves, re-surgeries, hospital visits wich all theese gastric-bypass-operated people are doing?
For WHOM do we really do this bariatric surgery?
When we, as food addictited and sugar addicted people feels lite we never get any form of support - then we amputate our stomach, when the problem really is in the head. 

Why not lobotomy?

Yeah, why not? The surgents want to "cut off" the thing wich is not working on the human body so if they realise that it is in the head our food addiction sits, then the thought is not so far away, really. 
Is that enough for you as motivation to NOT amputate your stomach? 

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