Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sour Cream / Creme Fraiche

I use a lot of Creme Fraiche in my cooking and have translated it to "Sour Cream" wich is not exactly the same thing. In Europe, I think everyone knows what it is but I am not sure.
When I found the foodblog for making Ghee I found a lot of good recepies and one is about making your own Creme Fraiche (click on the word "foodblog" and u get the recepie from the blog).
In Sweden the Creme Fraiche contains 34% of fat but real cream contains 40% - according to LCHF, the higher level of fat it is in a dairy product or any food product, the better it is.
I will try to make my own!
Then I know what I get and hopefully I can make it fatter than the one in the stores.
The taste would be nicer too, I hope.
Not hard to do even if you think 8 hours is a long time.
But just put it in water, in to the own on 50 degrees over night and it is done in the morning when u wake up!
How hard can it be?

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