Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tunafishcurry and Cabbage Hash

In the late '80s, I was served a pasta sauce that was made ​​with tuna, crayfishtails and curry. It became one of my favorites over the years. So ... then I make a LCHF- adaptation to this sauce:

Fry one chopped onion, garlic and curry in oil, butter or Ghee.
Add  thin, shredded cabbage and cook it together with the onions and curry.
Add tuna (in water, not in oil = bad oil)
Add creme fraiche or cream.

Let it on simmer on low temperature until the cabbage is soft. (depends on how thin you shred cabbage)
When the dish is ready add the crayfishtails or shrimps in the dish. Don't let it cook after because then the crayfish/shrimps become like rubber.

I had no crayfish or shrimps at home today, so I topped with some chives.
Chopped fresh tomatoes are also good.

Another way of making food is to cook "all-in-one" as a Hash - in Sweden we call it Pytt i panna, wich bacically means you fry meat left overs with potatoes and onion.
Well, in at the LCHF-planet, we don't eat potatoes and cabbagage is the most handy vegetable I know.
This is a version of Cabbage hash:

Shred the smoked pork and bacon, cabbage and onions.
Fry the bacon cripsy, add the smoked pork or other smoked meat, cabbage and onion. Add black pepper, but no salt, the meat is salty so it is enough. Dinner ready in 20 minutes!
Use your own imagnination and add the things you like to eat. The smoked pork can be replaced with sausages, smoked fish or what ever you like.
Be aware of that sausages also contains lots of additives and sugar - try to find one with high level of meat and not so much additives. Not easy but you might be lucky!

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