Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fish gratin/pudding

I like fish, especially white fish. I don't like salmon and tuna so much, but eat it in various forms anyway.
I had Cod and spinach in the freezer and took out two packages of Cod and one bag of spinach.
One of my friends at Facebook tipped me about her own fish puddning and I noted that there was cottage cheese in it, plus asparagus and Hollandaiesås.
I chosed base my food on what I had at home but went down to the store and found leeks for special price and also some smoked salmon in thin slices that ended up in the basket.
In my friends recipe, the fish is already cooked but mine was raw, so I cutted it to small pieces, shredded the leek and parboiled the frozen spinach for a few minutes and let it drain in a colander and also I pressed out as much liquid I could before I used it in my pudding.

So I made this!
  * Added butter in to a baking dish.
*  I mixed 3 deciliters of creme fraiche, 4 eggs (I made a BIG batch), 3 deciliters of cottage cheese, about 4 cups grated cheese and about 1 cup cream when it became a bit "dry" with only sour cream. I whipped all together + salt, pepper and a little bit of nutmeg.
* Cut the fish into small pieces, shredd the leek and mix this along with the blanched spinach in a bowl with the wet ingredients.
* Poured it to the baking dish and "spread out", put sliced ​​tomatoes on top and added some pats of butter and a little salt and pepper on top.
* Into the oven to 200 degrees C - my gratin was big so I baked it for over an hour! Stick in the middle with a baking needle and see if it is ready, is the best way to do it.

Click on the picture and it opens in a bigger size.

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